From your mattress and box spring to your carpet and baseboards, bed bugs can nest almost anywhere in your bedroom. In fact, most bed bug infestations occur within a few feet of their human blood meal host, like your bed or other furniture. Not to mention, they can hide in crevices as small as nail indentations in your wall. As so, bed bugs can be hard to kill, no matter how prepared you think you might be. That’s why a bed bug heat treatment can be one of the most effective solutions. Costs will vary depending on the type of treatment used and the size of the infestation.

Did You Know?

After a single blood meal, a female bed bug will produce between 1- 7 eggs per day for about 10 days. To produce more eggs, the female must feed again.

60 percent of the eggs will hatch when they are 6 days old, at room temperature (>70° F); >90 percent will have hatched by the time they are 9 days old.

Due to a large amount of eggs a female can produce under optimal conditions (temperatures >70° F but < 90° F, and in the presence of a host), a bed bug population can double every 16 days.

Lowering ambient temperature (to 50° F), egg hatch time can be increased by several days.

A wandering female can lay an egg anywhere in a room. Eggs can be laid singly or in groups.

From a single blood meal, a female can produce between 5 and 20 eggs.

Under finest conditions, egg mortality is low and roughly 97% of the bed bug eggs hatch successfully.

The number of male and female eggs produced is about the same (1:1 ratio).

In her whole life, a single female can produce about 113 eggs.

How to Identify Infestations

Along mattress seams, in the tufts and under the mattress tags.

Behind the headboard.

Inside the holes of set-in screws.

Beside wood creases in the box springs or in bed frames.

Where the box springs fabric is stapled to the wood frame.

Behind loose wallpaper.

Behind chipped paint.

Under the base of the air conditioner

Beneath the wood framing that holds the bar in the closet.

Next to the interior frame of closet doors.

Behind baseboards.

Inside the baseboard heaters.

On curtains near the top where they are pleated and inside curtain rods.

In and on personal things, which include books, stuffed animals, picture frames as well as so many other locations.

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