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Did You Know?

Termites are over 200 million years old and they are related to cockroaches.

Most termites live in areas where it is hot and wet. Small animals eat termites as snacks.

A few species of termites live in the United States.

Termites colonies can have millions of members.

Termite Colonies have a king and queen. The queen lays millions of eggs during her life.

There are enough termites on Earth to weigh the equivalent of a full-grown cow!

Termites are known to build freestanding tubes of mud just to get to wood. The biggest termite tube that has been documented was over 12 foot long!

The queen termite can potentially lay 1 egg every 15 seconds. She can live to be 15-25 years old. That’s a lot of termites to be borne by one queen.

Alaska is the only state that does NOT have subterranean termites!

An average home with termites can contain multiple colonies of termites. With each colony containing up to a million termites, that’s a lot of termites!

Termites are nocturnal like bats and do not like the light. This is why they bury themselves underground, in mud tunnels and wood.

Termites have been around longer than humans and even dinosaurs. They are estimated to be in existence for over 250 million years!

Termites’ primary source of food is wood; however, they will feed on books, paper, insulation and even swimming pools! This is why termites cause billions of dollars in damage for homeowners everywhere!

Worldwide, there are over 2,700 species of termites. There are over 40 know species that have been identified in the United States.

Termites are close relatives to roaches even though they resemble ants. Given the roles they play within their colonies, termites have been given the nickname of “social cockroaches”.

Termites never sleep; they work around the clock…24 hours a day.

Warning Signs of Termites

Any sign of mud-like tunnels in an irregular pattern.

When termites eat wood, they only leave a thin layer on the surface.

Swarmer's: If you see a group of what may appear to be “flying ants” then that is considered to be a swarm.

You are more likely to see a swarm after it rains on warm days.

Mud Tunnels: Normal mud tunnels are the diameter of a pencil, but they can be bigger. The tunnels connect the nest to their food source, which is of course wood.

Subterranean termites construct different types of tubes or tunnels.

Working tubes can be found on concrete and stone and go from the nest which is located in the ground to various food sources.

Working tubes can be found on concrete and stone and go from the nest which is located in the ground to various food sources.

An exploratory tunnel will rise from the ground and go up in the air not being attached to anything.

Drop tubes go from the source of the food back to the ground.

Piles of wings: The swarmer's will shed their wings. This is an indication of them entering into their next stage of life.

Live termites.

Buckling paint or tiny holes in the wood.

Damaged wood.

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